The Cosmic Lights Go Green with the New Moon in Aries [Late Spring Edition]

Today marks a very potent, power-packed time with Mercury going Direct and the New Moon in place in Aries. New beginnings are going to become more and more obvious in the coming days.

There is a palpable shift in the energy from preparation to action. Where you may have taken little steps to your goals, you will now be nudged to make bigger strides. Your efforts will show in leaps and bounds.

The energy of Aries is that of the first one in the ring, charged up and leading a cause. There is courage and fire needed to strike new ground. The Universe favours the bold and the brave.

The Soul Purpose Alignment card is 'Star Performer' and the Astro Soul Oracle Card is 'Meteor Shower'. These bring an air of spontaneity and awe.

Put the two together, and imagine yourself being fervently ushered on CENTRE STAGE, to express your truest self with great pomp and circumstance. 

In the past, you may have been battling with your doubts, dealing with your fears and wondering anxiously about your future.

But now, the beginnings of that future is here.

The next phase awaits you. 

Welcome home to your Shining Light.

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