The Equinox RESET: Energy Update & Forecast

The Equinox on March 21 has ushered in a burst of energy, the quality of which is like a light flickering and just about ready to burst into flame. In other words, it is fiesty and ripe with momentum to give birth to new life with the blessings of the Universal consciousness thanks to the Pisces New Moon! Added to this mix is the Sun in Aries and a definite increase in the Schumann resonance, the natural heartbeat of the Earth. You may be feeling a sense of being fired up and ready for a big mission with nowhere yet to place all this energy. The potential is for scattered emotions and thoughts and of course, there is Mercury in Retrograde too forcing us to stay put a while longer‚Äč, double-checking before launching out with rocket fire.

‚ÄčThis change of seasons is also aligned with the RESET of the body-mind-heart-spirit.

Here's what you can do to tune in and not be carried away by the intensity of these times

REST & RENEW - The world awaits the re-emergence of the Emerging you after last season's growth and now would be a good time to take a few moments to soak in where you are now and replenish your reserves. The fiery energy of these times demand extra care for the body,

EMOTIONS & EMPATH - If you are particularly sensitive, you will feel the emotions and things taking place around you more and more. It is important to feel but remember you may be feeling more than just your own emotions. Observe, love and recharge yourself with compassion and by attuning to the EARTH.

SYNCHING - Get in tune with the ebbs and flow of nature. Follow the cycles of the Moon and allow your body to heal as it flows with the energies. Maintain a certain routine to help you get into the sync of the new.

ENERGISING - Recharge yourself with your passions of heart and those things that get your heart pumping in the direction of your dreams! It's almost launch time..

TRUST & TIMING - There is a lot that will not be made known to you at this time. It is easy to question and doubt. Have faith and know that there is a divine timing at work in your life.

If you are having a hard time, feeling lost and confused and need some spiritual guidance, psychic insights and love from your friends on the 'other side', you can book a reading with me here. I'll be happy to help.

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