Having little or no success in your healing? Here is one secret that can bring you results instantly.

You’re trying hard, really hard.

You may be running around in circles to doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, coaches, healers and swimming in a sea of different opinions.

You believe you’re giving your health your best shot with the limited time on your hands and limited energy.

But what happens when there are mixed opinions from authorities and there are little positive results to show for all of your money, time and energy invested?

Frustration, despair, fatigue. You may feel discouraged and lack motivation to keep trying as hard as before.

Yet, you whip out the remaining energy and keep rallying on like a warrior.

What happens inside?

Your body is receiving mixed messages.

Worse of all, it is doubly confused because you don’t look happy but you are acting strong and solid.

Is that you?

If it is, drop everything around you right now and wiggle your ears.

Or laugh.

Or just dance to the beat of your favourite song.

If there is nothing positive right now to show for all your busy work on yourself, know that healing takes time. It may seem serious because health issues can take you over the edge sometimes.

Yet, the magic ingredient that healing often lacks is…


Plain and simple.

If you are enjoying the journey, there is absolutely no way that the results will not be in your favour.
In fact, it is guaranteed that positive changes are on the highway straight to you.

Your body can hear the melody of your laughing voice and it will respond by lining up its best moves for your healing.

If you would like help injecting fun into your healing journey, I highly recommend the Guided Healing Journey, a personalised guided meditation to meet your spirit guides. If you need fun, they will surely let you know that in your session. (See illustrations of past journeys)

Dale Carnegie summed this perspective up nicely: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

This one concept applies to all forms of healing, and yet it does not necessarily take away the sacredness of the gift of healing.

Don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself the next time you try something to help heal yourself.



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