The secret you need to know to uncover your soul’s purpose (with Goddess Athena)

Ever wondered if you are truly living your purpose, you know- according to that map you agreed to when you were born.

Are you serving the world the way you can (and you know, the world can do with all your help right now)?

Are you attracting the life you are meant to have– the opportunities, the people, the relationships and the money to go along with it?

Let me tell you a secret…

It starts with this moment, right here…

Your purpose is shaped in each moment through EACH action you take…you get to decide what it will look like- whether you will shrink back or expand into your greatness!

So what’s the big secret..

You need to take action!

But not just any action…

Action aligned with the highest good in mind- but for yourself and the world.

Because you know your life has meaning beyond that which you can fathom right now- all those people you are supposed to meet, all those experiences you are meant to have that will shape you for the next step…and the next.

After all, the great Lao Tzu did say that ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’!

You must take the action that will get you moving and working the magic of your path.

Your purpose moves through inspired action. 

And Goddess Athena is right beside you, holding a mirror to the powerful, wise, feminine leader that exists within you.

There are doubts and fears that will come to haunt you and remind you of all that can go wrong.

But you cannot fly if you do not dare to take that leap.

Whether you have bows and arrows, or words and music- all equally powerful tools to use at the right time to help get you moving on your path.

Need some inspiration to do so? 

The Thriving Superstar Academy is opening its doors on October 16! You can sign up to get first take on the superstar cheerleading and tools to help you take that next step on your path, to go where you have not gone before and BE all you can be, as you contracted through your soul. To express the fullness of yourself that you know about but have hidden from the world. It still exists, waiting, lovingly, waiting…

Oh, it can be scary but ‘Oh, the places you’ll Go’!

Join me this Sunday for the first LIVE Guest Interview for the Academy with Loveleen Saxeena, Intuitive Artist of Artista. She will help you reconnect with your Sacred Soul wisdom through Art! Sign up here for this event.


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