The Stage is Set for You! Now which Superpower are you going to unleash?

The Astro Soul Oracle

Picture this: You are at an audition for a Talent Show with hundreds of viewers in the audience and later on television. The energy is high and the judges are anxiously awaiting to see YOUR performance. All eyes are on you as you cross the stage and come in focus for all to see and hear. Now the only question is:

How are you going to set the stage on fire (with passion!)?

 In the radiance of the Leo Sun & Moon duo, optimism and courage are not far to be found. This time marks the birth of a powerful new cycle that asks you to come out of your shell and show the world your true colours. The Lion is bold and commands his space as the King of the Jungle. In this spirit, you can feel confident as you boldly share your personality with your audience. Of course, tensions may flare as the Lion is very protective and sensitive at heart and in a world where everyone’s inner Lion is lit up, there can be some angst and impatience. Powerful energies mean time and space is needed to assimilate. Grant yourself that.

So where do you start as get moving in response to these powerful energies- both around you on centre-stage and in the skies above?

Here’s a short quiz that will take you less than a minute to complete. It will help you see what your superpowers might look like in none other than Planet Utopia, the Heaven of Earth:

Comment below with your results and share it with friends who need a little spark to get the fires of their passions going again.

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