The Story of the Man Who Saved the World

It was approaching 5am in the dark teal hues of the early morning.

Mr. E couldn’t wait to get the day rolling as he was buzzing with things to do. 24 hours, make that 172800 seconds to do it all. Let the games begin, he thought to himself.

He had already decided on what costume he’d wear today. The dawn of each day marked another chance to play a new character.

Today, he thought he’d just be himself. His costume was simple and looked neat and professional. But there was something different about this costume from all the others he’d been wearing.

He took it off the top shelf of his wardrobe where it was already pressed and cleaned. Ready to go.

As these seemingly plain clothes grazed his skin, he felt a shock. It hurt a bit, but it felt excruciatingly good.

Mr. E. felt a surge of fear race through his body. Curiosity couldn’t kill this cat.

He proceeded to put on today’s ‘costume’. As he did, he felt the sting of the shock he felt before amplified to the millionth degree. There was no turning back now as the fabric was literally snapping to his skin.

But then something incredible happened.

Beams of light started coming through his clothing from his skin- his skin was dazzling!

Whatever is happening, it is only for good, he repeated to himself like a mantra.

And he did feel good, not only good but on top of the world.

As he got about his day, he noticed that this light was also visible to others in a way that was much different to the other costumes he had worn.

They were not pointing and giggling today, but beaming and glowing. He noticed this even among those who had not made contact with him.

The world seemed brighter today.

While he had enjoyed watching the reactions of people around him to his previous clothing ensembles, he enjoyed this one the most.

It felt mind-blowingly good.

People were glowing and he was glowing. What more could a performer want but to inspire those around him to glow brighter?

Someone came up to him and asked, Mr. E, something is so different about you today, what is it?

He smiled and said, I dressed up as myself today. I thought it would have been boring but I sure proved myself wrong.


Simple as that. Being yourself, embracing your own golden traits can inspire a whole world!


Want to be like Mr. E? As Jupiter-the planet of good fortune- and the Sun-the source of life- moves into Leo this month, there are cosmic signs all around to help you step into your greatness and magnificence.


I’ve THREE special offers to help you get the magic fit between your personality and your soul. The one that will allow you to align with all the goodness you have stored up for yourself (you know, the career, relationship, business, health and YOU that only you know about it, deep inside). The one that will also send back big ripples of love to the world!


Option #1: Align with the True You- FULL PACKAGE

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Offer #2: Align with the True You- SNAP version

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Offer #3: Align with the True You- private Facebook group ($7./month) starts next on July 22!

  • Access to Facebook Group dedicated to aligning to our individual selves while a part of a greater whole…but also sharing with each other along the journey and holding each other accountable for truth.

How to shine while walking in the world?

How to stand tall in your beauty while

How to not lose yourself in the voices of the world?

Why expressing yourself truthfully will help you make the right choices and how you know when you are expressing yourself truthfully?

…and much more.

These are a few topics that we will discuss together.

There will be a topic of focus each week and something that each of us in the group must do in honour of our goals.

We will discuss ways to stay true to our personalities while being true to our souls.

  • Fun and adventure is the key here! as will be random spirit guide messages and special appearances to guide you on your journey.
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Shine Bright. Until next time,

P.S.- Wondering who is Mr. E? Will love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “The Story of the Man Who Saved the World”

  1. Lovely way to inspire each and every person to be themselves. So enjoyed the story. Just today I took an online quiz “hot to Facinate” with my personality. It confirmed that who I am is the ‘Victor’, someone who is results driven, pursures excellence across the board, self- confident, etc. I’ve reached age 75 and I know I am at peace with myself.

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