Think you know how to find your hidden talents? Think again! (Full Moon in Leo edition)

I know what you’re doing and how you might be sabotaging yourself lately with your abilities. You might think it’ll happen on its own time- that your answers to the question marks you have around how you can be of more service in the world will appear knocking at your front door.

Being in a state of flow is good but as I mentioned earlier at an event this week, it is empowered thinking and directed, purposeful intention to change that provide you with a sounding board for positive solutions. In other words, you have to make a move in the direction you want to go and meet the answers half-way!

So how do you begin the process of unearthing your hidden talents and the depths of abilities you know about? Let’s see how this Full Moon can help.

Astro Soul Oracle for the Full Moon in Leo

This is not your typical Full Moon in Leo. According to the Astro Soul Oracle, there is an intensified and exaggerated feeling of sensitivity to the world’s suffering. The vision you had for 2017 may feel unimportant in the throes of the events on the outside. There is a healing that is coming forward through this Full Moon that also brings a Lunar Eclipse in the mix. It is essential that our eyes become fixed on the bigger spiritual purpose and mission we have to serve. With the Aquarian sun, the future of the world we live in is in our minds and the feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, hopelessness can strike in our hearts and test our courage.



The Weather (Astro)

Leo brings the heart of our courage to the fore. It’s influence helps you express yourself with greater ease and with reverence to your soul IN THIS MOMENT.

How it Plays Out (Soul)

Your abilities have grown since the last time you checked and you can bring a whole lot more of you who are to the table in service from just a few months ago!

Activity (Oracle)

Draw up three columns. Make a list of 5 feelings you feel right now about the state of your world. List them 1-5.

Then list the last time you remembered feeling this way. List 1-5 respectively (it’s okay if you can’t recollect an incident).

In the last column, write where you were at the time and what you did at that time (in work/life).


You are a different person now from each of those times in the past bringing greater possibilities for change.



The Weather (Astro)
What makes you who you are now- different from those times before? How can you find your hidden talents so that you can bring the person you have grown to be more fully to the table. This is the way you can truly make a difference- by showing up now.

How it Plays Out (Soul)

This is what you have been waiting for! How are you finally going to figure out what your hidden talents are and how to dig deeper to see what’s already there looking at you in the mirror!

Activity (Oracle)

Take a look in the mirror! Breathe deeply 1,2,3 breaths.

See who you are now and the work you do in the world.

There is part of you that you don’t see but your highest self sees.
Ask her. Say: ‘I call on you, my highest self, to show me the way I can serve the world most fully NOW’

Write any inspiration that comes to you within the next day. You have taken the first step into unveiling your abilities in all their glory.

Breathe into the blessings of this Full Moon to help you as you see more fully all parts of you as they perform in brilliance in the world.

Seeing is believing!

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