Three Affirmations from the Beach when there’s no beach

It was another impromptu day at the beach with my family but with a distinct flavour and spark. First of all, there was a van parked up beside us. We had company. Second, there were no life guards as usual but that didn’t deter us.

So we walked on. The waves were up to the shore and there was hardly any space to walk on the beach except for some rocks. We used them like stepping stones to our resting place, the resilient old almond tree.

There was a girl frantically dancing in the water. A group of people were dashing out of the water.

Another car of visitors came already dressed for seabathing. They pointed at something turned up at the beach then dashed away.

What was going on? The tide had turned back into the sea. And we went to scope out this thing that held so much power over so many.

As we walked along the smooth shore (to the tune of Enya’s Orinoco Flow), we came across this:


The Portugese Man of War. It was beautiful. It was unanticipated. It was real in front of our eyes.

And we heard it being called and we called it a jellyfish. But it really wasn’t. And it didn’t seem to mind. It was pink, and purple with a powerful presence. It owned its space, whatever ‘it’ was. And so, everyone knew what it stood for.

Except the little girl who came along bursting the bubbles like if it were bubblewrap. She didn’t know. Her family went into the water and two of them got hurt. Noone knew if it was really poisonous but they were hoping for the best.

More and more washed up on the shore as the day went on in rhythm to those who came and left in a hurry.

But these creatures spoke a bigger message to us about life….


1. People have different approaches to solving problems. If that problem happens to you, realise that you have no control over their actions but you have to whether you dim your light in front of them or keep shining in the face of attacks and criticism.  Say peacefully, “I observe, I realise my magnificence, and I stand tall and beautiful, in the eye and the storm”.

2. Don’t be afraid to blow with the winds of life. You are always given tools or empty space to chart your course. For instance, The Portugese Man of War has the ability to let go and drift with the waves and tides, to ebb and flow with time. This is the “emptiness” and the not knowing of where you may end up. But this creature also comes packed with a powerful stinging device and a deflatable sail! It can deflate at will to prevent being popped alive by unassuming human onlookers. Say confidently, ‘I am on my way there with all the tools I will ever need to get there- wherever ‘there’ may be’.

3. When you know yourself, you are connected to your power. It won’t matter if others cannot categorise you properly, but they will KNOW what you stand for when you bloom into your uniqueness. The Man of War is actually a colony of organisms, and so too are you, for there are parts of you that you may not be fully expressing or acknowledging. Remember the most important step in life is becoming AWARE of who you truly are on many levels. Say proudly, “I know myself” and never stop loving yourself from the inside out. You have free will to explore tools to help you grow into your beauty, whether you are black, purple, blue or pink! I can only recommend things that I have used and these have included doing the deeper inner work, astrological assesments as well as spiritual advice. That is usually the missing part in many people’s inability to connect to themselves deeply and at length.

What tools do you use to connect with your inner power? Comment below!

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