Three Ways this New Moon in Capricorn is Helping you Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year 2016! This is the first official blog post for this year and with it comes the energies of the New Moon in Capricorn, the ever self-reliant and very able creature and one who has a plan that he is duly following step-by-step.

This New Moon is helping us in major ways:

(1) To Ground – Capricorn is an Earth sign, which prides itself on success and highly ambitious. It also has the stamina and drive to achieve material goals. This is incredibly supportive energy at this time when goals for the year ahead may seem abstract and not within reach. This New Moon is great for helping you integrate the ideals in your mind with a practical vision that can be materialized into form! For instance, you may want to achieve good health but this New Moon can help you with finding the exact action steps that will get you there.

(2) To Grow – How do you get to your goal? Rarely does it happen overnight. Like the goat climbing up the mountain, you are committing yourself to a process. The end result is virtually in sight once you follow-through and this lovely stabilizing earth energy can provide the soil in which you ground the roots of your intentions.

(3) To Glow – This is a stage of redefining your outer image as a match to your inner growth. Capricorn is a master at worldly success and can help you now (especially with the reflective Mercury Retrograde period underway) reflect a clearer and truer image of yourself. In doing so, you attract more of what you deserve as you continue to water the seeds of the future one-by-one. Forever young, indeed as you focus on the present and dedicate yourself in delight to the path ahead.


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