Three Ways to Find and Open Your Divine Gifts this Christmas

Greetings of the Season!

One thing that sets this time of year apart is the tradition of gift-giving, which sources point to the gifts that the wise Men brought to the future King, Jesus. What is special about the gifts the wise Men brought is that each is unique; Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh may have been selected for a specific reason as they each symbolise a different quality of Jesus’ life. These gifts seemed more symbolic than practical but there are many layers to this as frankincense and myrrh are also potent herbs of healing while gold can be worn decoratively. In essence, though, one can surmise that these three gifts were well-meaning tokens from the traditions of the wise Men.

Fast-forward to today and the modern take on gift-giving, where gifts are giving as a token of expression and love for the recipients. Gifts are as unique as the bearer AND receiver- indeed, they are a sacred symbol of connection.

But how can we tap more into the Divine Gifts at this time- the gifts not given by others but by the Universe, God, Source, Spirit?

  1. Be still enough to receive. Remember the embalming properties of MYRRH that allows for a surrendering to life. One pitfall of the modern world is being too busy to see our gifts, especially the ones within us that are reflected in the outside world. Take a moment with this full moon in Cancer to honour your feelings and express your heart. Stretch your arms outward from your open heart and
  2. Intend to give the gifts you receive. Allow FRANKINCENSE to show you the way to offer yourself to the world. Your divine gifts come to you once there is guaranteed a place to flow- in and out. These gifts multiply when you are not attached to keeping them but are in joy with the idea of sharing them with others. Take the Gift of Love, for instance. Love comes to you as you share the love in your heart with the world. It sounds basic, but it is true.
  3. Believe in your Gifts. Realise you are worthy as GOLD. Bring focus and the power of your mind to appreciate the gifts you have to offer and to not turn your back on the gifts reflected outside that show up on your door. For instance, welcome in the Gift of Family and Friends at this special time by truly being present with them and believing in the Gifts they bring to you.

How can you further develop these gifts and allow them to enrich your lives on multiple levels? How can you draw more to yourself in the intent to share more with the world around you?

Join me on a 44-Day Journey to Open your Divine Gifts that launches on New Year’s Day- January 1, 2016!

In this journey, we will focus day by day on a different Divine Gift. You will have a different experience with this gift from another on the journey but we will check in daily with all others on the journey to share our experiences and bring more focus to it. When you believe, magical moments await you. You will receive a guided meditation to listen to each day to help you open to the day’s gift and fun activities for the day ahead. You get from the experience what you put into it and as you allow the gifts to flow through you more and more. Exciting adventures await.

The event is by donation at this time. There’s a special bonus of your own deck of Open your Divine Gifts oracle cards for those who donate a minmimu of $44. Also, if you are in Toronto on Sunday Feb 14, you will be invited to a Valentine’s Day Reading Party as an added bonus!


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