Three ways you may be dimming your light and how you can switch it on again

Picture yourself as a lightbulb.

You’re luminous, bright and bold.

You simply glow with your optimal power. You radiate warmth and light.

But time passes and your light starts getting darker- way before your time.

You get short-circuited

You give your precious light away to others who are seeking the warmth you exude. Your light starts to fade.

You get overused

Others are so demanding of your light that you feel like you have less and less of your light for your own self. Your light starts to shrink away as you tolerate these situations in silence, anger or resentment.

You forget your own light

As time passes, you forget what it was like to exude your bright light. You gave away so much without replenishing your reserves. The dimming of your light is really the dimming of your truth.

It’s time to switch your light on again.

Remember, your light is always there. It may be dimmed by the activities of the outside world. But for every dimmer, there is a chance to look for the main control switch. Lightbulbs can be repaired and changed but the light that floods it remains the same.

Would you like to come face to face with your own light again?

You can by getting in touch with your own light again.

In the Round Table of Healing call for the Full Moon in Aquarius, we went on a guided healing journey to reconnect us with our light. But more than that, to SEE our light.

If you would like to experience it for yourself, the recording is still available for you to purchase and sink in your divine light so that You may see your path yourself. This can help you if you need help with truly seeing what it is that is your special purpose at this time.

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