Virgo Full Moon Astro Soul Oracle Update: Purification with Purpose

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

Virgo brings with it a heavy focus on purification and service in the world. It’s associated organs are to be found in the digestive system so don’t be surprised if you feel a bit of stomach sensitivity more than usual. It is important to take special care of your physical body at this time.

The Reading Game

Today’s forecast takes a different twist- you get to pick your own cards! If you haven’t done this before, just remember to take a deep breath in and out and open your heart to the love around you…

Pick one of the three cards below:

Special Guest Appearance

Now, that you’ve picked your cards, it is time to reveal what’s on the other side! (Tell me you’re not feeling a little excited!)

But not before a message from Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War:

You know how to be powerful and loving at the same time. 

This is the gift of Virgo- commitment to purpose and a heart of service. It can help you wipe clean from your slate (and plate!) what is no longer necessary from your path. It has the patience of Earth to understand but also do what is morally right.

And now it’s time for…

The Grand Reveal

Here are your messages if you picked:

#1 : The theme card is House of Secrets. The ‘What You Need’ card is Scorpio. You may feel a little withdrawn and benefit from having quiet time in the light of this Full Moon. You are no doubt going to be presented with an age-old issue that has affected you for quite a while. This Moon will bring light to what lies underneath so that you can bring healing to it. Allow yourself the space to sit quietly, retreat and explore the threads that come up. This is a sign that you will embark on an inner journey and get close to the root of an issue that has long baffled you. Find the space where you are master of your emotions as much will be revealed. Be gentle but do not be afraid of the dark.

 #2: The theme card is Earth Grand Trine. The ‘What You Need’ card is Cancer. For you, this Full Moon brings a moment of truth around your external support structure. What is holding you back from grounding your bigger purpose into the world? It may be time to re-pattern your thinking around the environment that supports you. There may be healing around your connection with your mother and your own nurturing energies. You may find yourself getting closer to your true ‘roots’. Give yourself the gift of care at this time. Your spirit will soar when your body feels safe and at home.

#3: The theme card is Full Moon. The ‘What You Need’ card is Sagittarius. You are being affected in many areas of your life with these energies. You are diving deep into the essence of the lunar cycle, which stirs up a revelation and awakening. The light of the moon is bringing an important situation to the surface that will help you uncover and recover what you can from it before moving forward. You have the blessings of optimism and the spirit of adventure to help you take what you’ve learnt from the past into the future but also drop the weights that hold you back from advancing. You may benefit from rituals such as cleanses, meditations and taking firm action.

The energies of the Full Moon in Virgo lasts for about 2 weeks. Use it wisely by purifying your body and refining your purpose.



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