Who do you trust? Which psychic or healer should you listen to?


Left, right, centre, up, down and below.

All around. 

There is information coming at you from angles, but not only that- you also have the wide and varied opinions of others mixed with loving guidance.

How do you know who to listen to?

As an energy healer, I work non-judgementally and for the highest good. But like everyone else, I am human and there are certain flavours that will show up more than others in readings or human. (See what I mean? ūüôā )

We are the sum of our experiences and no matter who you seek advice from in a human body, he/she¬†will throw in a piece of his/her¬†experience and worse yet, project his/her own experience onto you. I had doctors and healers label me repeatedly with conditions I never had when this was never the case in reality. Simply because it was part of their experience did not mean it was mine. But not everyone is 100% mindful in each moment especially when your situation triggers something in them on a deep level. Yes indeed, it happens. I’ve experienced it many times over unfortunately in medical misdiagnoses. It¬†¬†can be incredibly frustrating for you, the patient or client who just wants to know and confirm the truth. You know in your heart of hearts that you have a piece of the jigsaw puzzle but you need a healer or doctor who will recognise the piece that remains in your hands..


So how do you know whose opinion to trust? Who do you go to who will REALLY listen to you and you can listen to in return?

And why is it so important?

First of all, it’s important to stand up for yourself and speak your truth. No healer or person in a healing capacity should ever make you feel small or unheard. That is a recipe for doom. This applies to doctors as well. If you want to heal yourself, you must connect with your inner truth. Otherwise, you can end up in a vicious cycle of doom and gloom- following the guidance of someone who is not a clear see-er. And yes, when you are iffy about what your truth is, chances are high that you will run into many of these.

So who do you trust?

You, first!

You must trust yourself first. You must trust your GUT, your God Guided Understanding of the Truth!

How do you do that?

  • Become aware of yourself – as much as you can.¬†
  • Listen to the tingles and feelings
  • Silently ask your guides (or God or the Universe) to guide you to the right healers or psychics or doctors for you
  • Remain in awareness of yourself
  • When you get the nudge, follow it from a place of strength
  • Stand tall and watch the universe work its magic!¬†
  • Notice how you become even taller when you follow the nudges
  • Wash, rinse and repeat!

You will feel an amazing sense of satisfaction and most of all, PEACE and lightness of spirit when you follow the above steps and apply it to your situation.

Energetically, your spirit will be lifted and this in turn, will lift up your mind, heart and BODY! Your health will actually improve too- there’s an added bonus!


And now for my special offer for you today:

This is for you if are feeling lost and confused about your life path, purpose and need to reconnect to your truth. Want to know which road to take? ¬†My guided healing journeys reconnect you to your core and you are in the front seat, taking in the magic of the world of your guides. You will see your issues for what they are and your experience depends on who or what shows up to guide you at the time…

It’s a journey like no other because it depends on you and what you need to know and heal at this point in time…and because you become more aware of yourself while asking questions and going on the ride.

I am offering 7 hour long sessions at a Pay What you Wish rate (usually $88.) until Nov. 20 (that is, you can book and pay what you like until Nov 20).

It’s my little treat to you as we come closer and closer to the New Year where I will be rolling out some new services. (Stay tuned for the exciting news).


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