Why sometimes timing is not enough and what you can do about it?

You probably have heard the phrase ‘Everything happens for a reason’. This statement hints that not only that events in one’s life are predestined but there is a bigger hand at work in the mysteries and magical moments of one’s life. In other words, whatever is meant to happen has happened in its due timing and manner in which it was intended to happen.

Yet, since our life’s script and soul’s plan is not readily available in print for all to read, there is not much that can confirm that everything is going according ‘to plan’, a plan outside of self. The above phrase then becomes more solid on the grounds that every action has a consequence in one’s life.

Sometimes one may consult with genuine psychics and healers and although they agree on the timing of an event in one’s life, it just does not seem to happen in the timeframe as stated. Why is that?

Everything happens for a reason, even the things that don’t go according to ‘THE PLAN’. And why is that? Why can’t things just be proper and follow the rules and the path be clear and without major obstacles?

Because every second shapes the next one and every action influences not only your life but the lives of others both directly and indirectly connected to you.

It is because of this interconnectedness that life gifts precious experiences. Yet, sometimes you may know deep in your heart that things may not quite be in order or ‘accidents’ have happened that may not have happened had you done X or Y or Z. In other words, due to the power of one’s free will, one can change the timing of events.

What can you do about this?

  1. Realise that you are part of a bigger picture. There are other people and events that need to happen in perfect order so that the timing is just right. There is beauty in imperfection and this is no different. The more delays to your goal there are, the more time one has to play in earth school. Have fun!
  2. Accept that you cannot control every aspect of life, including people and events that make up that one event you are waiting on or have had happened seemingly accidentally.
  3. You may be aware (through your own knowing or psychic readings, etc.) that certain things are going to happen. Be aware, be prepared and be grateful for the foresight. There is a reason that you know what you know! With knowledge comes responsibility.
  4. Release the need to see things happen as predicted and give your best in each moment knowing that EVERY MOMENT COUNTS. Nothing goes unnoticed in the bigger picture.

Perhaps you are being prepared for something even bigger and bolder than what was predestined! Perhaps you sent an emergency request for another learning experience before this one. Perhaps..

The Universe is constantly changing, and you are a part of this change whether you know or not.

Whatever truth you believe in, never forget you ability to co-create your most beautiful, magical life in whatever order it happens.


Happy New Moon in Aquarius, a wonderful time of moving with the ebbs and flow of life with style! Click here for the fun video on how you can make best use of its energies.


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