Why you don’t heal and the blessings of Mercury Retrograde

Ever had a nagging pain in your body that just won’t go away?

How  about a stubborn illness that really should be gone by now but is still sticking around?

It may be days, weeks, or years that seems like this condition is overstaying guilt-free in your body.


Why can’t you just knock it over and fully be back in your healthy, whole body again?


I had many situations like this where I would throw every possible treatment – for body, mind, heart  or soul- I could think that would be useful…but still nothing. Worse still, my body rejected these and appeared numb to any significant change.

Two things were happening here:

(1) I was actually going through enormous changes on a deeper level but it was not expressed yet in my body.

(2) As a result of not seeing the results, my mind was trying to convince me that nothing was going right.


I was not in alignment with my own process of healing.


As a result, my body appeared to take longer to heal and it was a painstakingly slow process. On occasions, I sometimes came to my wit’s ends. I struggled at times to have faith that things will work out for the best. It is very difficult when your body is showing you something else that is vastly different from what you would like to see.


And this is the beautiful blessing of Mercury Retrograde period.


Mercury Retrograde reminds us of the power of not only our mind but the GREATER MIND. Even though there may be more errors due to minutae such as delays and errors in communication, there is a greater need to trust that the errors will be sorted out in due time. There is great power that comes from empowered submission- knowing the truth that all is well and RELAXING into this truth.
Relaxation can be a challenge when your mind is bugging you that things are not right, things are not working or fears of failure that you will never truly heal.

You can take charge and ALIGN with the process of your healing again by communicating deeply with your body and getting to know the quirks, by ENJOYING the flow of healing and finding PEACE with it.

I eventually came to this peace by attuning to the pace of my body. It may not be 100% fool-proof but it is surely a much more harmonious state and one that frees up my energy to create and be present for changes in my life.

I am happy to assist you in realigning with your path of healing so that things flow more naturally and obstacles are easier to navigate. I can do so in guided healing journeys.



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