Wondering what type of herb to take? Three things that your body knows to help you decide.

I’ve often wondered when I was younger about how the human body knows what to do which each set of input it gets – whether it be herbs, food, water or foreign substances like pharmaceutical drugs and pollutants.  It’s like an automated factory in there, but so much more than that because this factory that is our body can respond INTUITIVELY and INTELLIGENTLY to so many stimuli all at once. Even disease is an intelligent response from the body!

I still wonder today. The human body is a miraculous instrument.

So when you are presented with various supplements and drugs outside of you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed as there are so many herbs for so many conditions. The number one rule to remember is that in order to decide, you must learn how to



Here are some time-tested rules of body-mind thought:

ID-100113532(1) The Law of Similars – Let’s cut to the chase at the start and admit something. Your body knows when you’ve gotten weak in some way. You can’t hide because you eventually get some sort of dis-ease. Believe it or not, the body also knows what quality of herbs you’re taking. You can’t cheat it! The energy content of fresh herbs is way more than that of processed herbs. Energy and vitality in herbs do not lie even if labels do from time to time. You will just feel enormously better when you find the form of the herb that can hold more life force energy.


ID-1002127(2) Extended to Patterns – It appears that part of the body’s ability to sift information comes from matching. Seen another way, it could also be that similar energies are held in similar patterns. There is a central tenet of homeopathic medicine that says ‘like cures like’. There are many foods that are said to be structurally similar to a part of the body that it helps in supporting its function. For instance, broccoli is good for the lungs and cabbage is good for the intestinal lining. Herbs are no exception. If a herb gives the impression of a particular organ, you can bet that it might help. Doesn’t this parsley look like it could be part of the kidney?


(3) Soul History – Lately, I’ve been drawn to use more Chinese herbs. And this has got me thinking. China is a long way away from Trinidad. Yet, somehow, wherever I go, I’ve ended up in the presence of the Chinese. I’ve started using a Chinese herbal formula and it has shifted things around at least ninety degrees in only 2 days. I feel a harmonic resonance with the Chinese culture. Yes, this is most likely past life but it is present life as well. It’s happening right now even if it happened before many times. And it is an example of how a history at the level of the soul can impact on the health of the body. Or it can just be that Chinese herbs are really good.

Either way, there are several different classes of herbs to use and only through experience and moving with your body can you know which is the right herb for you.

If you interested in tapping into a more holistic, multi-layered approach to health, I am now offering Holistic Energy Healing Sessions to get your body in sync with your soul.

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